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Article: Why Trade Aid Kits Are NOT A "Normal" First Aid Kit

Why Trade Aid Kits Are NOT A "Normal" First Aid Kit

Why Trade Aid Kits Are NOT A "Normal" First Aid Kit

It's no secret that the contents found in most first aid kits are similar. All good first aid kits will be developed in line with the WHS code of practice and will be ticking all the boxes they need to. We are one of these first aid kit suppliers. 


HOWEVER. We have aimed to break the mould of typical first aid kits by: 


Increasing the quantity of products Tradies use! We have designed our kits so the quantities of all our products can be maximised meaning less trips to the chemist.


Focused on providing high quality first aid equipment! Say goodbye to those useless plastic strip bandaids and hello to heavy duty fabric bandaids that stay on! 


Adding in extra high-ticket items as standard! We understand Tradies work in remote, dusty and dangerous locations from time to time so we have added in extras that could be the difference between life and death. A Tourniquet, Snake Bite Bandage, CPR Kit, Eye Cup, and Amputation Bags all are included in our price. 


Designing our kits to be clearly labelled!  We have designed out kits to be so well labelled that even your apprentice will be able to find what they are looking for.


Making Re-Stocking your first aid kits easy! We understand that refilling and restocking your first aid supplies can be a hassle. That's why we have created an easy online re-stock option for small to large scale businesses. Check them out here!


Designing our kits to be compact and easily stored! We have designed our kits with dolly straps and carabiner clips so they are able to be mountable to back seats of cars, bags, fences around site, or even onto the back of your tool belt!


We could talk about how the kits are a tax deductible business expense for businesses and that we offer free shipping australia wide for orders of $235 but we will wrap this up now. If you value having good quality first aid supplies and a well thought out first aid bag there is no better solution for you than us. We are sure of it. 


Check out our products here!


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