The Trade Aid Story


Hi legends!!

My name is Garret Priddis and I own and operate Trade Aid Kits with my mate Nick White. We both grew up in Perth, Western Australia.

This idea started with another business we run called Surf Aid Kits. Travelling around West Oz and overseas surfing we noticed how injury prone we are, how often we had little to no first aid supplies and also how shitty any first aid kits were that we could get our hands on. 

After a bunch of annoying surfing injuries I came to Nick (who was lifeguarding at the time) and asked him if we could put together a Surfing specific first aid kit that was packed with items specific to SURFING and not full off useless junk that we were never going to use.

From this idea the Surf Aid Kit was born and after success with this and after being hounded by our tradie mates to make other specific first aid kits we are glad to bring to you our first Tradie Specific First Aid Kit.

It wasn't quite as simple as that but after a couple years of sourcing manufactures, designing, creating prototypes, testing and getting certified, we finally have a high quality product that is specific to you! So go ahead and treat yourself, see what its all about, they're high quality, built to last and packed with value!