How To Use A Tourniquet

How to use a Tourniquet PROPERLY: 
We all think we would be able to operate in a high stress environment, but it's far easier said than done!
Not every situation calls for the use of a tourniquet! But it is crucial that tradies understand when and how they should be used.
How to properly apply a tourniquet 2

Every time you read or learn about something it makes it more likely you will remember the steps or at least basics in an emergency!

Step ONE can be so easily forgotten!
How to properly apply a tourniquet 3
How to properly apply a tourniquet 4
The Idea is to restrict blood loss from the HEART (PUMP) to the wound (opening)

How to apply a tourniquet properly

By pulling the tail tight you are JUST getting the tourniquet secured in place, you WON'T be able to stop the flow of blood yet!

How to properly apply a tourniquet 6
Twisting the handle increases the pressure, think of it like a tap, the more you tighten the more you restrict flow!

How to properly apply a tourniquet 7
If you don't lock in the handle then the pressure can be released, meaning the wound will start to bleed again!

How to properly apply a tourniquet 8
This step is critical! It lets the emergency services know how long blood flow has been restricted so they can:

-estimate blood loss
- return normal blood flow over the correct period (can't just turn the tap back on, it has to be a slow release!)

Like I said, better safe than sorry...

It might not be you that needs it, but whoever does will be extremely grateful!!!

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